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Jessica Franzel

Acrylic, mixed media

Jessica Franzel

I am a self taught artist working primarily with acrylic.

Painting allows me to share parts of myself that I have difficulty articulating, releasing suppressed emotions.

Over the years I have created three main bodies of works:

My color series is a group of emotion evoking monochromatic paintings. Painted in 360*, they can be hung vertically, horizontally, or even at an angle.

The collage series is comprised of mixed art mediums and found materials. I first started collaging with makeup compact mirrors, broken into pieces, to fracture the viewer’s observation and inspire inner illumination.

I also enjoy capturing the beauty of nature as seen through a child's eye. A cartoonish style reflects the innocence of children, who are forever fascinated by flowers, bugs, and Nature's tiny world often overlooked - if not forgotten - by adults.

I live in Bellport, NY.

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