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Holly Hunt


Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt is a New York-based photographer whose work consists primarily of self-portraits where she uses darkness and light in unconventional attire and surroundings to represent her personal journey. Her images are inspired by her childhood or forgotten memories that have been triggered through her exploration and discovery.

Holly’s first photograph was captured with a Polaroid and her love for photography started on film. Eventually, she moved to digital format, self-improving and perfecting her craft through research, trial and error, and practice. In 2016, she started her photography business focusing on capturing beauty in abandoned and historical places. Her images of abandonment are widely known and have been awarded by Heckscher Museum of Art and Gallery North.

Before photography, Holly was a choreographer, actress, and playwright.  Her play “The Parking Lot” received high accolades in NYC, was published, and is still performed around the world. With experience spanning over three decades in all facets of the arts, Holly is no stranger to the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to create a piece of artwork or to leave your entire soul out there for the world to see.

Holly’s artwork has been exhibited all over the tri-state area for the past ten years. She is a photography instructor, self-published author, and yoga and meditation instructor.

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