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Adam Bell

Acrylic and mixed media

Adam Bell

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Adam Bell Artist

Artist Bio February 2024


My name is Adam Bell and I have been a resident of Patchogue since 2005. My parents raised four children on the north fork of Long Island, my father was a minister and my mother was an accomplished artist. Born in 1977, I went on to earn my finance degree from Loyola University Chicago, where I met my wife Jessica. Together we raise our four children in Patchogue. I am credentialed as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM professional and work full-time for a large Wall Street institution where I provide advice and support for retail investment clients.


Throughout these chapters of my life, there has always been art! Before pursuing finance, my young life was filled with art. I found my creative voice at a young age, starting a tee shirt business in my teens, completing various commissioned pieces for local businesses and I attended art school briefly. It was widely expected that I would make my career in the art world somehow. But art would have to wait. Married at 23, it was in the blink of an eye that I had babies, a family, and a home to care for. Though my finance career has been rewarding, art would always come calling; a logo for the church, tattoo designs for friends, a sketch or a portrait request.


And as a beating heart, I am forever compelled to fill blank spaces.


I have tried to see the world with an artist’s vision, to see that life is malleable and moveable and with talent and effort we can create whatever environment we choose for ourselves. And so I have decided to let my artist's journey step forward and have started my brand Adam Bell Artist.


I am now painting with intention, and every day, and my promotions include branded apparel and other items which are available on my website. More important than this, however, is that I am now free to call myself an artist, a title I always reserved for others. Topping that list is my mother, Karyn E. Bell, whose career provided so much life for our family growing up. Others, like her, found a vocation in their work, much more than a hobby. Empowered with this understanding of my life, of the currents that emerge through the chapters, I can say with excitement that I know myself to be Adam Bell Artist.


And I am pleased to present myself and my work to you!


Adam Bell

Instagram @adambellartist

917-969-1248 c

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